Three days later, a big mystery of the global financial market is about to be announced! Everyone's money bag

The parties gathered together to release the Fed’s resolution, and the reporter’s mailbox was “exploding”.

The mystery is about to be announced. The Fed will announce the latest interest rate decision in the early morning of August 1st, Beijing time. The market has reached a consensus on interest rate cuts. Once it is expected, it will be the first time the Fed will cut interest rates in a decade…

…In fact, the forward-looking guidance released by the Fed at that time is even more crucial. Is it a "pigeon" or an "eagle"? If it is a "hawkish" rate cut, for example, to make something similar to "excluding the possibility of a rate cut in December, depending on future economic data." "If this is the case, then the yield curve is expected to be flatter and the risk assets will be Frustrated, the dollar strengthened.” Stratton Street Chief Investment Officer Andy Seaman commented on July 29.

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