The Daily Update: We'll Be Back ... In 2022!

This will be the last daily update we send out for 2021 ahead of our change of name to EPIC Investment Partners taking place tomorrow. In the meantime, we remain contactable in the usual ways and will be back in the New Year.

Here at SSC we would like to thank all our readers that have supported us over not only this year but the last few. Your kind words are appreciated. It’s been a tough year for bonds, however, please rest assured that we will continue to work as hard as possible to try to be the best fund managers we can.

As always, the dailies we have written this year have covered all aspects of financial markets from central banks to crypto currencies, and of course the big one, Covid. We do hope that they have been informative, helpful, and even enlightening at times. We do our best to keep them interesting as well as adding a little of what is being discussed around the desk here at SSC or something we have seen that we find curious.

To that end we have had a look over topics we have written about over the last year, away from finance. Here’s a selection of subjects we have covered by title.

No Baby Boom / Cuba Without the Sun / Parking Ticket / Lay-in to Log-on in 30 Seconds / Sir Viv Richards / Things That Go Bump in The Night / Table Grapes / Whiskey / Mice Plagues / New Concorde / 747 Swansong / Salesperson of the Year / Avocadon't Even Get Me Started / 1966 Rekindled / 55 Years of Hurt / What Could Possibly Go Wrong / Woke Coke / Rusty Pilots / Gekko Wannabe's / Money Mules / Amazon vs Visa.

Personal favourites being the daily on avocados and salesperson of the year. To this day I still can’t get my head around how you pay $18,000 for an ‘invisible’ sculpture!

It has been suggested in the past that we compiled the best dailies into a book for some light bedtime reading.

This suggestion led us to talking about what a genius the late great Terry Wogan was at this. Wogan hosted the Radio 2 breakfast show for many years (’72 to ’84 then ’93 to ’09). His listeners, over 8 million of them at one point, used to write into the show with funny stories, tales, and anecdotes, which he would read out on his show daily. Then Wogan would compile these stories into a book and sell it back to the self-same people who gave him the material in the first place. Genius !!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and we hope that 2022 is a year you all hope for.